Despite the title of the book, it is not a prerequisite that you are over 55 or have diabetes for the information in this book to be beneficial.

If you have a number of ‘yes’ answers to the following questions, the diet approach suggested in this book is likely to suit you.

Do you carry extra weight around the middle?
Can you fall asleep easily if you sit down after lunch?
Do you get muscle cramps?
Do you snore or have sleep apnoea?
Have you lost motivation?
Do you feel more like sitting rather than doing?
Do you ever feel like going back to sleep after breakfast?
Are your energy levels poor?
Have you become more irritable? (Spouses often nod here)
Can you still feel hungry after finishing a meal?
Do you comfort eat?
Do you ever feel that you haven't got an off-switch when it comes to eating?
Do you look for something sweet to finish off a meal?
Have you had an episode of gout?
Do you suffer from reflux, indigestion or bloating?
Are you often hungry or preoccupied with food?
Do you feel as though your brain is ‘foggy’ at times?
Do you sometimes feel hungry/shaky and need to eat to feel better?
Do you feel irritable or faint if a meal is delayed?
Do you experience mood swings?
Did menopause come with unexpected weight gain?
Do you find it difficult to lose weight?
Do you have high blood pressure or take blood pressure medication?
Do you have a fatty liver?
Are your blood glucose levels high?
Are your triglyceride levels high?