Baby boomers are a unique breed. We grew up with three meals a day and fruit for snacks, discipline, outside play after school, warm milk at recess, roast dinner on Sunday, meat and three veg, marching and folk dancing, Chinese take-away in our own saucepans and 40 cents of chips being enough for four people.

We were generally slim as kids, may have gained weight when we stopped playing sport, got a sedentary job, after having children, reaching menopause or on retirement. Many of us in our 40s have put on weight around the middle. And by the time we reach our 60s, not only are increasing numbers of us the wrong shape (beer belly or apple shape), more than likely we snore, have lost our energy and gained diabetes.

Baby boomers were the first generation to experience a radical change in diet when the 'fat is bad' message took off in the 1960s. Rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes have skyrocketed since the 1980s and it is becoming clear why this is the case. This book explains how the misguided low-fat diet advice has contributed to some of us becoming overweight and how to undo the damage.

The key to successfully managing type 2 diabest, Pre-diabetes and meatabolic syndrome. How to lose inches, lower blood sugars and get your energy and life back!, Jennifer Elliott